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The Expose’ Tax & Financial Services can grant you cash whenever you need it, particularly for emergency purposes. You can consult with our financing experts regarding an appropriate program that will suit your paying capacities and equivalent needs. We will advise you on areas such as prevention of prepayment penalties and the steps to making a personal loan to ensure ease.

Expose’ Tax & Financial Services offers the following types of personal loans for individuals.

icon Debt/Bill Consolidation

Why think of the debts you incurred from different agencies or people when you can have them consolidated into one? Simplify the way you handle your finances. You can avail of our consolidated personal loans for a fixed rate every month that will never ever change.

The benefits of our debt/bill consolidation offers include:

  • Convenience
  • Low monthly rates
  • Quick and easy loan processing
  • Clear terms and conditions

icon Special Occasions/Gifts and Seasonal Cash Requirements/Recreational Cash Needs

If you are having trouble both in keeping your credit perfect and budgeting for your recreational and special financial needs, then this loan should be perfect for you. We realize just how important it is to spend money for our loved ones too, especially since occasions come only once in a while. Apply for our special occasion personal loan and be able to spend for:

  • Holiday presents
  • Vacations
  • Fun weekends with family and friends
  • Birthdays, and
  • Any other celebration!

icon Major Purchases (i.e. Automobiles)

Are you thinking of getting a new automobile or purchasing a major appliance such as a washing machine or refrigerator? You can contact any of our personnel for advice regarding our major purchase loans. We understand some transactions just could not wait when you know you need something so badly for a very important purpose.

Major purchases can include:

  • Cars
  • School tuition fees
  • School books
  • Home appliances, and
  • Other home improvement expenditures (including repairs and remodeling)

icon Unexpected Expenses

Let’s face it! Some expenses could just creep out of nowhere, especially when you least expect them to. When you are caught up in this type of situation, what should you do? Do not be overwhelmed and seek assistance only from the experts. The Expose’ Tax & Financial Services can help you get through the financial storms which may include:

  • Car repairs
  • Home fixings
  • Medical and dental needs, and even cosmetic surgery
  • Glasses
  • Legal services
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Veterinary expenses,
  • Even job related equipment/expenses (replacement for damaged tools), and many more!

If you have further questions about our personal loan offers, you may contact us at 770-932-6480. You may also refer someone who may be in need of loan services to us, and we’ll be more than glad to accept.